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Extreme Slides

Our extreme slides are different than those of the other series. They differ both in terms of their distinctive design and ride path. Also, the slides of this group contain multiple slide routes in one including vertical drops, classical ride paths, uphill ride routes and centrifugal ride routes. In order to provide a frictionless surface on these giant slides, water spray jests are commonly used. Most of the slides in our extreme group begin with a steep entry which provides riders with the thrill of "free falling". Polin has always been innovative and is continuously with these very sophisticated rides. Slides in this Our series are available in any color and a high variety of configurations. You can download our fiberglass color chart from the “download” section of our web site to see the wide variety of color options.

Our Extreme Slides group consists of 9 different slides. Please click on the names of slides above for further information.