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Inner Tube Slides

The slides in our inner-tube series are often the most popular rides of the parks. Our unique Magic Shine and Natural Light effect systems add great value to this series. The appearance of this group’s slides is similar to Body Slides. However they differ from Body Slides since Inner Tube Slides require a higher flow rate and they have a much bigger diameter.

For the rider, there is another important difference which is now there is a vehicle between the rider and the ride, namely tubes and rafts. Our inner tube slides are designed to be ridden with a tube or raft. The double, triple and bigger rafts and tubes increase the capacity of the rides therefore they are kind of indispensable for the parks. Some tubes allow up to 8 riders at one time. So it is truly a family fun experience.These riders enable the less courageous ones to live the experience of adrenaline rides since they feel safer while riding together with someone they trust. They are a great way to introduce youngsters to water slides. Slides in Our Inner Tube Series are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations and they are available in any color and a high variety of configurations. You can download our fiberglass color chart from the “download” section of our web site to see the wide variety of color options.

Our Inner Tube Slides group consists of 5 different slides. Please click on the names of slides above for further information.