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Vision, Mission, Values



Our vision is to be the leading company in the worldwide waterparks sector This means being deemed number one by its partners, customers, colleagues, and employees due to our proved distinction, expertise, credibility, and quality.


Our mission is to contribute to the national and sector development by leading improvements in the sector, supplying the highest quality and most innovative products and services at convenient prices, progressing beyond the expectations of our partners and customers, and continuously increasing our production and export volumes.

Polin Values
  • ● Innovation
  • ● Corporate Commitment
  • ● Honesty
  • ● Quality
  • ● Reliability
  • ● Leadership
  • ● Success Focus
  • ● Dynamism
  • ● Integrity
  • ● Value for partners, customers and employees
  • ● Customer Focus
  • ● Teamwork