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Intagrated Quality Policy


With its design, engineering, production, project management and contracting services, Polin Waterparks has proven its unique characteristic, expertise, reliability and quality in the global water slides sector thanks to its rich and unique business experience, and has adopted the vision of becoming the leading company which is always preferred by its customers, partners, suppliers and employees.

In this connection, Polin Waterparks undertakes to

  • observe its organization and the effectiveness of all its management systems in line with a sustainable improvement principle, and ensure sustainability of such organization and effectiveness;
  • produce the best solutions to meet customers' existing and future expectations and turn "customer satisfaction orientation" into a culture;
  • establish effective and efficient systems adding value to its customers and all its stakeholders;
  • ensure the trust and permanent satisfaction of its employees, customers, suppliers and organizations with its multidirectional communication skills;
  • make an in-depth assessment of the risks faced by the industry, ensure the highest level of occupational health and safety (OHS), prevent injuries and health impairments caused by the workplace, and provide necessary resources aiming to prevent diseases and accidents;
  • ensure that the employees receive the necessary trainings on Quality, OHS and Environment, and that they become informed and sensitive individuals;
  • establish, implement and maintain processes for the consultation and participation of employees and employee representatives at all appropriate levels in the development, planning, implementation, performance evaluation and improvement activities of the OHS management system,
  • fulfill all national and international requirements in line with the legal requirements;
  • constantly improve its products and services with its R&D activities and innovative approach, introduce new, unique and value-added products to the market and lead the industry;
  • respect mankind and environment focusing on environmental protection at all stages of its operations, and ensure that the environmental sustainability approach is adopted by all its stakeholders;
  • ensure that energy resources are used in a manner not to harm the environment, reduce wastes and help increase recycling rates; and
  • consider social responsibility projects as one of its missions, and fulfill its social responsibility with its practices.

General Manager
Kubilay Alpdoğan
Rev: 1 – 20.03.2020

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