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New Waterslide from Polin: Surf Safari®!


Surf Safari® is a revolutionary, new, high-capacity waterslide from Polin. This exciting new attraction features a daring 40-degree sloped entrance and a unique, parabolic design, that creates an illusion that adds to the adrenalin filled experience. As a result, thrill-seekers young and old alike will experience in totally new riding experience never before seen in a family-styled waterslide.

Surf Safari®’s exhilarating trip results from its stream-lined, parabolic bowl-shaped design which speeds four-person rafts through twists and turns, as the unexpected changes in momentum that will send hearts pounding before riders splash into pool or run-out exits. The unique slide path gives riders a longer voyage compared to other slides with similar offerings.

Surf Safari® can be themed to match any park’s theme concept and is available with Polin’s exclusive Magic Shine finish through closed molded fiberglass production technology. Magic Shine gives slides a glossy smooth appearance that enhances their esthetic appeal for both riders and spectators alike.


Surf Safari®’s primary features:

  • High capacity (four-person rafts)
  • Unique geometrical shape
  • Stream-lined design
  • Slider returns to its point of origin.
  • Waterfall feature (optional)
  • Longer ride path
  • Parabolic form
  • Magic Shine finish ( RTM production)
  • Pool or run-out exits
  • Themed possibilities
  • Half-open, half-closed and fully closed tunnel versions.
  • Conveyor available (optional)

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Technical Specifications

Depth 2400mm (79ft)
Width 25000/3800mm (82/12ft)
Slope 10/40%
Capacity 10*4 persons./h
Rafts Yes
Magic Shine (RTM) Applicability Yes
Natural Light Effects Applicability Yes
Exit Dry-Out or Pool
Combination Available With 1 Big Hole (T2800)
Combination Available With 2 Family Rafting (F3000)
Flow Rate 680m3/h (2994 GPM)
Dimensions - Bowl Part 22,5mX20m h17m
Enterance to the Bowl 40%
Slope of the Tunnel Part 10/13%