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New from Polin: The Wonderslide Systems - Exciting and Attractive EffectsFfor The Waterslides!


The Wonderslide Systems is a combination of light, sound and waterscreen effects that are applicable to certain Polin waterslides which will make the ride experience of your visitors an unforgettable and unique adventure! Various modules of the Wonderslide Systems that can be combined in one slide or applied seperately are:

Wonderslide Waterscreen Systems: The waterscreen systems enable the sliders to go through various scenes such as a brickwork, a blaze, spider web, or the open mouth of a big shark. With this system, there is also the possibility to project the logo of the aquapark to the waterscreen.

Wonderslide Rainbow Systems: The Rainbow colored electrical light flashes can be applicable to the natural POLIN translucent light stripes. The adrenalin level can be suddenly increased or a few relaxations can be given to the sliders by the repeated order of dark and rainbow sections.

Wonderslide Starlight Systems: With the technique of fiberglass optics, the effect of hundreds of stars is created, giving the visitors the feeling of riding through the milky way . Music and sound effects and laser shows can be combined simultaneously with the starlight systems to increase the thrilling effect.