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O'Gliss Waterpark Opens in France


Polin's Looping Rocket waterslide is a first in France for new waterpark that is third-largest in the country.

Turkey (26 January 2017) - Polin Waterparks has advanced its role as a leading waterpark designer and supplier in France with the opening of the new O'Gliss Waterpark in Le Bernard last June (June 2016). Polin Waterparks' proud partnership with Edsun Loisirs, a leisure park and outdoor recreation design firm, led to the development of the €12 million (US$13.5 million) facility that features an impressive 12 waterslides, including several of Polin's most-popular waterslides: the Kamikaze, Freefall, Turbo Lance and Looping Rocket. With a size of 60,000 square meters (196,850 square feet), O'Gliss waterpark also sets a record as the third-largest waterpark in France.

An oasis next to an oasis

The coast of the Vendée area of France extends along more than 200 kilometers (120 miles) of mostly sandy beaches that attract tourists from near and far. Edged with dunes and pine woods, along with coastal mudflats and marshes that attract unusual birds, the beaches are considered an oasis for nature lovers. 

  • Ludo Park. Focused on little ones, this unique setting offers fun activities and games in a pool area dedicated to children's use.
  • Sunset Playa. The wave pool is the focal point of this relaxing space edged with palm trees and lounging chaises.  
  • Exploral O. A lush world of "wild rivers" allows guests to free float in ultimate relaxation or test themselves against an intense current. The options extend along more than 400 meters (1,312 feet).  
  • Délir Space. This section of the park is devoted to thrills with a wide variety of slides that test guests' limits for adrenaline-building excitement. 

Options increase guests' interests 

Guests' traveling between the four areas of the park can choose from among a wide range of Polin waterslides.:

  •  Looping Rocket. This attraction features a unique "launch capsule" 73 feet in the air with a trap door that opens to send riders through a high-speed, horizontal, 360-degree loop.   
  • The Freefall. Combining adventure with adrenaline, this slide offers an exhilarating drop. 
  • A Kamikaze. High-speed thrills are delivered by this free-fall slide with a curvy path that begins 27 meters (88 feet) high.
  • Tunnel Body Slide. This specially engineered ride delivers a long, smooth journey accompanied by visual and auditory effects.
  • Giant Body Slide. This open slide offers both drops and straightaways to generate multiple speeds.  
  • Twister Racer. This four-lane multi slide blends speed with twisting turns as multiple tubes intertwine to create a thrill-slide experience.    
  • Multi Surf. Guests slide on racing mats in head-to-head competitions on this action-oriented attraction
  • Flying Boats. A popular thrill slide using splash boats, this ride is offered in a downhill version and an uphill (rollercoaster-style) version that propels guests via jetted water. Rafting Slide and Flying Boats Combo. This ride allows guests of all ages to ride together in a multi-passenger raft along a rollercoaster-style path. 

For younger guests, Polin offers a pirate-themed waterplay structure that excites young imaginations with tipping buckets, slides, net climbs and water cannons. In addition, kids enjoy mini versions of several of Polin's popular attractions:   

  • Kids Body Slide. Designed to mimic its adult-sized version, thisversatile open slide offers a safe, smooth ride that doesn't require mats or tubes.
  • Kids' Wide Slides. This miniature version of Polin's classic adult-sized Wide Slide provides the same entertainment value for small fry while ensuring complete safety. 
  • Kids' Freefall. This mini version of the Freefall offers a thrilling drop suited to the younger set.


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More on Polin Waterparks 

Polin was founded in Istanbul in 1976 and has since grown into a leading company in the waterparks industry. Today Polin is a world leader in the design, production and installation of waterparks, waterslides &and water-play attractions. Polin has completed 2,500 waterpark projects in 100 countries around the world and is the biggest waterslide supplier in Eurasia. Working with a wide variety of clients has helped Polin reach several milestones including installing the first waterparks in many countries and many other award-winning rides at parks with world-renowned reputations. 


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