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Polin Aquariums Announces Collaboration with VGP Marine Kingdom


Turkey (November 22, 2018) - On the first day of the IAAPA Attractions Expo, an agreement was made between Mr. Ayhan Şentürk, vice-president of Polin Aquariums and Mr. V.G.P Ravidas, IAAPA board member and president of VGP Marine Kingdom. This agreement consists of the installation of acrylic panels and life support systems for the tunnel aquarium project in Chennai, India.  Polin Aquariums is proud to be able to help complete this project which had been stopped due to technical difficulties.  It is an honor for the Polin family of brands to collaborate with VGP Marine Kingdom, a company known for its famous water parks,  theme parks, resort hotels and winter attractions (Snow Kingdom). 

VGP Marine Kingdom will be India's first major public aquarium. Set in the VGP World Theme Park in the resort area of Chennai, the aquarium will serve the dual purpose of entertainment and education. VGP Marine Kingdom will be this first of many commercial Aquariums in India. The complex will include a restaurant, educational opportunities and exhibition areas. The total area for the Aquarium is 7,500m2  in 5 different concept zone and spread over three levels,there will be a underwater tunnel which is 48 meters long  it's over 30 display aquarium tanks and 4.000.000 liters of water volume. 


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Polin Aquariums designs and builds public aquariums, taking them from initial concept and architecture to construction, business plan, procurement of living creatures and development of brand identity. It aims to achieve excellence with its team of the experienced architects, engineers, biologists, veterinarians and technical experts. The secret to the success of these attraction centers comes from this integrated setup developed through experience.


Designing and building a public aquarium is much different than constructing a regular reinforced concrete building. Every aspect of the building's infrastructure such as reinforced concrete construction, mechanical applications, electrical systems and information technology systems must be developed based on the project concept and its technical specifications. With 11 different aquarium projects carrying a total of more than 33 million liters of water and more than 16 million visitors by the end of 2018, Polin Aquariums are at the forefront of the industry.


For additional information, contact Safak Guzin at safak.guzin@polinaquariums.com. Please visit Polin Aquariums at  www.polinaquariums.com for product information, news, events and other updates.




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