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Polin Gave A Signal For A Big Start To Year 2008!


Polin took place in Yapex Exhibition which was composed between the dates 25-28 October and introduced newest products at this year's last construction exhibition. The visitors show keen interest on Polin's wide range products during exhibition. Thereby Polin fulfilled the responsibility of being leadership in his sector again.

Polin had performed a big renewal at his production at the beginning of 2008 and started to produce with LRTM (Light Resin Transfer Molding) method. The visitors of Polin booth found a chance to look over two sided shining waterslide which was named as "Magic Shine" by Polin. Thus Polin has become the first and single European water slide manufacturer that uses this technique. Polin opened its new factory together with Antalya's biggest pool company Günsu in 2007 October on 6.000 m2 area in Antalya. Polin enable visitors to investigate first fiberglas pool model of Fipol during exhibition. Furthermore Polin put also 25,00 m Body Slide and several Pool Animation Devices into visitors appreciation. As a new improvement Polin installed water circulation system to Body Slide for giving detailed information to visitors about general waterslide circulation mechanism.