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Polin In Turkmenistan!


Polin had given a fast entrance into Turkmenistan market in 2007. Polin, by cooperating with esteemed Turkish building firms who are operating in Turkmenistan for years, had 4 waterpark and Hotel & Resort projects successfully completed in Turkmenistan in 2007.

Polin is entering 2008 fast and making come true in Turkmenistan another waterpark which consists of a group of slides which will serve for children over 10 years old. The waterpark is expected to open until summer season.

The waterpark consists of following slides:

31,42m Kamikaze (700x1000mm)
30,58m Wide Slide (500x2000mm)
78,34 Compact Slide (600x900mm)

It is expected that more and more waterparks will be built in Turkmenistan and Polin will continue to be the only supplier producing waterparks which will be built in this country