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The Themed Indoor Waterpark "Waterwaves Land", Mashhad, Iran


The Indoor Waterpark "Waterwaves Land" which was done by Polin is going to open its doors to visitors on 11th of August in Mashhad City of Iran. This will be the biggest ever built waterpark in Iran and shall bring a new life and entertainment to the people.

The waterpark which is located on an area of 8.000 m2 consists of 13 waterslides, children play area, 4 splash pools, children pool, swimming pool and wave pool which lazy river is turning around.

Very first dream of the Waterwaves Land started in 2004 with its initial design phase and finally in August it shall open its doors to visitors with a great opening to which The President of Iran, Mr. Ahmedi Necad would possibly visit and honor the opening.

Taking this opportunity, Polin wishes in advance success to the owner of the Waterwaves Land and its visitors to have fun in the waterpark.