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What is Happening at the Polin Booth at IAAPA 2016



Dear All,

Every year, the IAAPA Attractions Show (November 15-18, 2016) offers exciting new surprises. This year will be the same. Every company in our amazing industry is working hard to offer novelties. Similarly, we at Polin Waterparks also have had a blockbuster year of designing innovative rides and experiences. In fact, we have so many new offerings to share that we've put together a checklist to make sure you don't miss any of them!

So, please take a minute now to mark our location on IAAPA's map to make sure you visit us in Booth 1378. Our international staff - ready to converse with you in English, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Hungarian and French - is truly energized to introduce you to the advancements we have been working on to thrill and excite your guests. These projects bring together our own experienced, passionate and hardworking teams with those of similarly eager and savvy experts, all of whom put their hearts into everything they create. The result is a long list of innovations we can't wait to share with you!

Additionally, we are so proud to be the Gold Sponsor of this year's incredible industry gathering. We'll also be sponsoring multiple other events: the Water Park Operators' Networking Event, the Water Park Social and the Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) Reception. This year is the largest event in IAAPA's 98-year history, and we would be so pleased to see you at these important gatherings, which are the foundation of the critical networking that keeps our industry growing and thriving! We look forward to meeting you at these events!

As always, expert R&D is at the core of everything we do. Our dedication to research and development means we focus solely on developing brand-new attractions that will add real value to your park's offerings. So please take time to visit us.

And, on a final note, back by popular demand, we'll be serving Turkish coffee and Turkish Delight treats that you enjoyed last year.  Be our guest :)

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,

Kind regards,

Sohret Pakis

Director of Marketing & Communications



Polin Game Technologies 

Get ready to take your guests to whole new levels of excitement through the most advanced technology available in the waterparks sector! Nowhere else will you find the integration of technology, interactivity and gaming in so many ways and in so many stimulating new products. Check out the Polin Game Technologies station in our booth to see all that we have in store.

Space Race VR Experience

Yes, you read that right! We invite you to take a test "ride" on our Space Race Waterslide through the innovation of virtual reality! As you might remember, we have launched Space Race Waterslide at last year's IAAPA and now it is installed. Visit our VR station and experience this wholly unique waterslide.

Storm Racer VR Experience 

The next stop on your virtual-reality journey in the Polin booth is to "ride" our newly engineered, hybrid Storm Racer waterslide. We are launching the Storm Racer here at IAAPA. This state-of-the-art waterslide incorporates a variety of key features that set it apart from every previously designed waterslide in the industry: unique geometry, high capacity, a pioneering ride configuration and an exclusive, interactive "Watersplash" feature that ensures intense competition and blasts of adrenaline. Come try the Storm Racer waterslide.


Don't forget to take your complimentary Google Cardboard goggles - our gift for you to take home!

Splash Cabin

Test for yourself how this fully new and interactive experience will encourage ongoing guest visits to your park. Located in the center of our booth, our Splash Cabin is a unique game that allows two players to engage in a fun, water-fueled battle with animated competitors using an interactive screen. Guests play from inside a beach-bungalow-style cabin and score points by hitting moving targets while also avoiding being hit themselves by waterjets shooting from nozzles embedded on the screen. They collect points for each target they hit. At the end of the game, the loser faces a surprise water splash. Test for yourself the Splash Cabin's habit-forming excitement!



The Splashware System 

The world's first and only Integrated Slide Information System offers an innovative modular solution to your park. This system enhances slide safety, helps reduce operational risks and costs, improves the customer experience, boosts marketing efficiency, optimizes capacity utilization and can also significantly increase your revenue stream by introducing new sources of income. We'll have two test systems in our booth so you can see experience it yourself and look forward to introducing you to all of its features!

Polin Park Services 

Polin Park Services offers complete maintenance and service packages, allowing our knowledgeable project-management team to oversee your project from beginning to end. We guarantee well-organized, timely and cost-effective results. The Polin Park Services specialists will be at your disposal in our booth to learn more. Just visit Polin Park Services station at our booth. 

Polin Art Gallery 

Polin Waterparks has fused waterslide design with art to introduce the textures of granite, wood and metallic into the finish of ride components. You'll discover nearly unlimited opportunities to set your park apart from the rest by offering guests not only a thrilling ride experience but also fully themed attractions that seamlessly reflect your story in ways never before available.

Polin Wave Parks 

Wave and surf parks are now a must-have for waterparks to be competitive. Our new offerings deliver with the experience of real waves for guests to ride. We feature ground-breaking technologies, innovative perspectives and a dedicated team of experts to offer the most suitable wave system, surf system or river system for your facility. Our Wave System experts will be at our booth to discuss how we can help incorporate a wave system into your facility. 

Slide'n Roll 

This new offering combines all of Polin's exclusive technologies - unique sound, lighting and design special effects - into one slide to create an experience that fulfills the full range of sensory stimuli for guests. Visit the Slide 'n Roll station in our booth to experience them for yourself. We look forward to seeing you! 

Polin Aquariums 

Another opportunity to integrate a new entertainment channel for your guests is Polin Aquariums. This offering includes every imaginable detail: concepts, architecture, construction, business plans, procurement of the living creatures and brand identities, all delivered by a team of experienced architects, engineers, biologists, veterinarians and technical experts. The secret of this attraction's success is based on its multifaceted levels of expertise.

Did You See The Land of Legends Theme Park Video? 

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More on Polin Waterparks

Polin was founded in Istanbul in 1976, and has since grown into a leading company in the waterparks industry. Today Polin is one of the world leaders in the design, production, and installation of waterparks, waterslides & water play attractions. 2500 waterpark projects in 100 countries around the world have been completed by Polin, and Polin is the biggest waterslide supplier in Eurasia. 

Contact: Sohret Pakis / Director of Marketing and Communications

E-mail: sohret.pakis@polin.com.tr

Web Site: www.polin.com.tr




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