• - Aesthetically and Physically Superior Product
    • - Stronger and Lighter Waterslides
    • - Easier Installation
    • - Cleaner Environment
    • - Smooth and Shiny Finish on Both Sides


100% of Production Offered in RTM. All Family Rides & Bowl Rides Offered in RTM


 “POLIN: Pioneer in the Advancement &Application of the Light RTM Process in Waterslide Manufacturing.

Polin is a technology leader in waterslide manufacturing. “Magic Shine Slide Technology” is one of Polin’s latest improvements that generated maximum customer satisfaction. Polin names its slides produced by L-RTM (Light- Resin Transfer Molding) technology “Magic Shine”. Polin is the first European waterslide manufacturer that uses RTM technology in waterslide production and is the only waterslide manufacturer in the world that produces world’s largest waterslide components using RTM technology. Since Polin started to produce waterslides with RTM technology, it has become a primary choice for park owners and operators since these waterslides have a lot of advantages, including a uniform thickness, two finished and perfectly shiny sides, and low emissions.

Polin has been the pioneer in the advancement and application of the Light RTM process in waterslide manufacturing. Since 2006, Polin has converted to Light RTM all of its annual fiberglass production. Polin offers its unique Natural Light Effect (NLE) technology and Special Pattern Effects (SPE) in RTM as well as translucent slides. Polin is the only waterslide manufacturer in the world that can offer bowl rides and family rides in RTM. Bowl rides and family rafting slides are comparably large waterslide components and applying RTM in the production of such big scale products require higher expertise and knowledge in RTM composites manufacturing. Being able to offer translucent L-RTM waterslides is worth mentioning too, since this represents the peak point of the current fiberglass composites manufacturing. Polin has offered translucent RTM waterslides since 2007. Translucent RTM waterslides have an enriched visual impact through glassy, shiny finish on both sides, spectacular appeal, and an elegant transparency.

L-RTM waterslide production requires huge investment and technical expertise in composite manufacturing. With 38 years of experience across the globe in the composites sector, we’ve developed an unmatched business and technological expertise.


  • - Perfectly shiny & smooth finish on both sides
  • - Aesthetically superior product
  • - Stronger & lighter waterslides
  • - Homogeneous thickness distribution
  • - Perfectly smooth joints
  • - Environmental friendly
  • - Easy maintenance
  • - Available in translucent colors
  • - To sum it up, we obtain superior waterslides both aesthetically and physically in less time and with less waste.


Polin is committed to providing the best quality products and service by investing in research and development and will continue to further expand its L-RTM line while introducing new signature rides and innovations.