Special Pattern Effects



  • - A More Attractive Look Compared to a Standard One Color Option
  • - Offering a Theme in Itself, Reduces the Theming Costs in General
  • - Add Great Value to the General Appearance of the Park

Applicable in RTM Manufactured Slides Doubling the Visual Feast!

Special Pattern Effects Applicable in RTM-Manufactured Slides Doubling the Visual Feast!

Polin, being an innovator and an authority in waterslide manufacturing, offer special pattern effects by a special manufacturing technique of fiberglass coloration that is applied on the outer surface of the ride for an aesthetically superior outer look.

Polin, the first and the only waterslide manufacturer to introduce "Special Pattern Effects System (SPE)" to waterslide manufacturing has been applying this technique for long years with open mould production methods. Polin from 2009 onwards took this one step further by now applying.

The features of this application:
  • - A more attractive look compared to the standard one color option
  • - Several color options for different tastes
  • - Several color options compatible with the park’s theme and landscape
  • - Offering a theme in itself, reduces the costs in general
  • - Promises the same delivery period with the standard colors
  • - Add great value to the general appearance of the park as a whole especially when applied on the tunnel slides
  • - Available in Magic Shine which doubles the visual feast both offering special patterns and a superior shiny look on the outer surface of the slide
  • - Continuous application throughout the slide

(Contact us for SPE application in translucent slides! )