As a Turkish company, in the journey of Polin to become a global brand, in more than 108 countries, we are carrying out works that we will be proud of in an industry where innovation, design, engineering, and project management are critical. 

We have always worked hard; we will work hard. We will believe very much. We will search for new ways.

We will not do as everyone else does. A standard effort will yield standard results.

We set out to become a world brand. If you want to go forward on the same path with us, we will wait for you to join us.

Polin Career

In our opinion, the most beautiful feeling in the world is to be the reason for the smile on a person's face. We, as the Polin Family, owe this feeling to be an agile, learning, and guiding organization and to be employee, collaboration, innovation, and customer oriented.

Accordingly, we have shaped the Polin Corporate Culture around 4 basic cultural elements and the behaviors that support it...