The New Useful Kits of Polin Park Services is Out!


Dear Partners!

As we all follow the world-wide pandemic, we are all noticing a recent improvement. The number of cases are horizontally trending in Europe and the USA. There are also talks of vaccines in the news. Not are these improvements providing more hope and comfort, but there is a world-wide realization that life and economy need to get back to normal, even if it is a "new" normal. The light at the end of the tunnel is now more visible and this means that there are many reasons to invest in order to keep up with the changing world.

We would like to show customers that even though we can not give service because of current travel restrictions; we still offer solutions to support them with appropriate materials that they should keep in their stock to have readily available for any type of need.   

We have designed 4 different Maintenance & Repair Kits for every kind of need for parks. In addition to these general kits, we have a minimum recommended stock list with all of the spare parts used specifically in our Rocket System.

Additionally, we are developing 4 more kits which include:

1.       Boats, Mats & Rafts

2.       Health & Hygiene Category Products ( Hand sanitizers, Disinfectant liquids & gels, masks, face shields, etc.)

3.       Pool chemicals

4.       Access control & security products (turnstiles, lockers, etc)

We will be announcing all available kits soon.  

We wish to hear your comments for further material categories and products to sell AND how we can market these products together.

You will see English Catalogs attached. Please contact us for other language translations in your regions. Please send us the translated text copy in your language so that we may design the catalogs with your translation and send them back to you in PDF format.

When we say “We’re all in this together” that’s exactly what we mean and when we say “Stay Hopeful, Strong, Positive and Connected” that’s exactly what we request from you… 


Please click to download our kits!

Maintenance & Repair Kits

Looping Rocket Slide Mechanism Spare Parts

More on Polin Park Services

Polin Park Services' goal is simple: For every client to create fun, safe, thrilling, unforgettable experiences for their guests - experiences that rest on a bedrock of top-quality, reliable and safe attractions. You can rest assured your attractions meet those levels when you rely on Polin Waterparks’ authorized, in-house team of professional technicians delivering critical periodic maintenance and repairs.

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