Time Rider features the world's largest bowl with 4 possible paths. Offering 4 paths allows the riders to experience different choices every time, allowing riders to easily extend their time on this water slide. 

  • World's Largest Bowl Waterslide: World's largest bowl with 4 alternate paths!
  • Streamlined and Iconic Time Travel Construction Integrated Within the Slide: This waterslide will blow the riders minds and they will forget where they are and what time it is!
  • Functional Observation Walkway: It allows all riders to enjoy their time watching other people's experiences while waiting in line under a mystical fog which also keeps them cool.
  • Construction with Special Animated Lighting: This special waterslide also offers special lighting effects on its wormhole (Functional Observation Walkway)
  • Zero Gravity, Maximum Acceleration & More Than Four Alternative Paths: Feeling the zero gravity and maximum acceleration will conquer the universe with screams and fun!
  • High Capacity "6 Riders Raft" & Side Drop of 40 Degrees: Designed for big family rafts of 6 riders, sliding in a 175 meter-long water slide with maximum speed of 9 meters per second!
  • Optional "Glassy" (Fully Transparent Waterslide): This new and special artifact is compatible with Polin's special Glassy (Fully transparent fiberglass waterslide) технологией Polin под названием GLASSY (полностью прозрачная водная горка из стеклопластика
  • Compatible with VR Applications: Time Rider is a very big and fully themed waterslide offering various VR applications.

Max Speed  9 mt/h  Max Capacity  6x120 Riders per hour  Sliding Length 175 mt Space Requirement  L: 78 mt x W: 55 mt x H:18 mt  Start Height 18 mt  Bowl Dimensions   L: 43.4 mt x W: 35.7 mt x H 12.8 mt